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When Should You Hire a Public Adjuster?

Navigating Insurance Claims

There are several reasons why you need the services of a public adjuster. You may have filed a claim and it’s been denied, the insurance company underestimated the damage, or you need assistance filing a claim. The more extensive the damage to your home or business, the more you need to hire a public adjuster.

You purchase an insurance policy, trusting the insurance company to provide a fair assessment of damages should you need to file a claim. When a policyholder files a claim, the insurance company will send one of their adjusters to assess the damage and attach a dollar amount. That adjuster works for the insurance company and part of their job is to minimize the costs to the insurer.

In contrast, a public adjuster works for you to ensure a fair assessment is entered. You can quickly discover that reimbursement by your insurance company isn’t nearly enough to repair the damage you’ve experienced, replace personal items, or cover the cost of inventory. A public adjuster is paid by you. They negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure the terms of the policy are met and you’re reimbursed for the correct amount of damage.

In some instances, you may have filed a claim for damages and the insurance company has denied it for any number of reasons. It occurs on a regular basis. The most common reason is a dispute over who is at fault and liable. An adjuster will perform due diligence, examine the evidence and provide an assessment. The professionals can reopen a denied claim or file a new one.

Underpayment by insurance companies is a major problem for home and business owners. Policyholders don’t know that they have the right to question the insurer and typically don’t have the necessary knowledge or skills – and it’s not something the insurer is going to divulge. A public adjuster can reopen underpaid claims or file a supplemental claim for you.

Public adjusters are experts in their field and have the same credentials required of insurance adjustors. They’ll review your policy, estimate damages, and prepare and submit a claim report to help you get the reimbursement to which you’re entitled.

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