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Do not fall victim to the insurance company’s appraisers…They do not have your best interest at heart. Get the reimbursement you’re entitled to with the help of the most-trusted public insurance adjusters in South Florida. Schedule your FREE Claim Consultation today by calling (561) 221-4360

We’ll ensure you get the Maximum Claim for the damage caused by Wind or Hail… It’s Simple Really…No Recovery, No Fee.  

Signs That You May Have

A Leak in The Roof

Often the first sign of a ceiling leak is a water stain on the ceiling or wall. They usually have an ugly brown hoop and can be challenging to see when they are in dark corners. Although the stain may be small, the leak could be quite significant. Further investigation is warranted.

Other times, homeowners report finding a drip or damp stain on a wall or fireplace. However, drops and stains are not constant. They come and go depending on the amount of rain Florida is receiving. Intermittent roof leaks can be as severe and damaging as what appears to be constant. Have it reviewed as soon as possible.

Signs of a leaky roof can also be seen on the outside of the building. Look under the roofline. If you see water spots then, it may be failing. Similarly, if you notice any moss or mold on the exterior walls, it may be due to a leak.

When you periodically look at your roof, do you see any missing tiles?

If so, then you may be experiencing a leaky ceiling. Maybe the damage is only in the attic so far, but a torrential downpour may be all it takes to change that. Have it checked immediately to avoid further damage.

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Call Barclays Public Adjusters at 866-724-4473 to receive a free consultation with a roof leak claim public adjuster dedicated to helping you with your case.

During the entire process, your Roof Leak claims public adjuster will keep you informed and up-to-date on your case's status. When you are unable to reach a settlement with your insurance company reasonably, we will step in on your behalf.

Public Adjusters for Roof Damage

Roof damage is discouraging.

We'll Lift Some of Your Stress

Having a roof over your head to keep you safe and dry brings a comforting sense of security.
But what happens when that secure structure is damaged?

Roof damage is discouraging. Whether it’s damage from a Nor’easter, macroburst, microburst, hailstorm, or a hurricane, having roof damage interrupts your day-to-day schedule and can cause additional damage in your home or business. You may have to spread tarps on your home or business until you can get your roof fixed. You may still get rain or snow inside your house. Your siding and gutters may also be damaged. Roof damage leaves you helpless and at a loss for what to do.

Roof Damage Claims Are Complicated

As you’re fumbling through repairs and insurance claims, the last thing you need is any further stress. But frequently, insurance companies have complex claims systems that are frustrating and hard to follow. When you’ve experienced a loss, they know you’re vulnerable. Insurance companies will take advantage of your state by confusing you and lowballing you on a claims settlement.

That’s why you need a public adjuster on your side. At Barclays Public Adjusters, we’re driven and proactive. We live in the communities we serve. Taking care of you is more than our job; it’s a personal matter. We advocate on your behalf so you can care for yourself, your family, and your home.

Work with a

Roof Leak Claims Expert

When it comes to paying roof leak claims, your insurance company is unlikely to act in your best interest. They will look for any technicality that allows them to pay you as little as possible or completely deny your claim.

Your insurance company may have served you well in the past, but when you’re making a claim, the employees you’re dealing with divide loyalties. They may want to do what’s best for you. However, they also have a particular interest in saving their employer money.

Contact one of our expert public adjusters before contacting your insurance company when you believe you have a leaky roof. Our legal professionals only represent home and business owners, not insurance companies, which means we are specifically dedicated to advocating on your behalf.

Plus, they don’t pay us a penny unless your claim is successful. This ensures that you can trust us to investigate your property damage and roof leakage causes thoroughly. We also review your insurance policy and fight tirelessly to get you the deal you deserve

Public Adjusters for roof damage

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