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Do not fall victim to the insurance company’s appraisers…They do not have your best interest at heart. Get the reimbursement you’re entitled to with the help of the most trusted public insurance adjusters in South Florida. Schedule your FREE Claim Consultation today by calling (561) 221-4360 

We’ll ensure you get the Maximum Claim for the damage caused by Wind or Hail… It’s Simple Really…No Recovery, No Fee.  

Water damage can be

Devastating, expensive, and always unexpected, mainly flat water accidentals.

Barclays public adjusters have been negotiating claims for many years while helping their clients mitigate damages. If the accidental discharge of water has passed, it is essential to stop any water flow or leakage as soon as possible.

Remove pools of water and begin drying areas to prevent further damage. Consider calling a water extraction company. There are extraction methods that do much more than just the home store vacuum.

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When Destruction Spreads, You Need an Expert on Plumbing Leakage.

Water damage can come from storms, floods, or from a frozen and burst pipe. Within moments, your home’s ceilings, walls, and floors can be damaged along with expensive electrical systems. Also, the moisture from water damage can lead to mold growth, making your home unsafe. The immediate need to clean up and control as much damage as possible may delay you initially, but organizing a plan for handling your water damage claim will be vital to your recovery.

Public Adjusters In Boca Raton

Water damage can be a complicated and disastrous situation.

Internal plumbing structures are often so complicated that you may not notice when leakage or a burst occurs until it’s too late. Other unexpected water damage sources such as washing machines, slop sinks, dishwashers, leaks from shower pans, and refrigerator water lines can take you by surprise! When these plumbing disasters surface, you need to act fast. A public adjuster will give you the immediate attention your property deserves.


Water damage caused by plumbing issues such as expansion tank failures can result in structural damage, mold, or ruined inventory or furniture. When a slow leak causes plumbing leaks over time, the costs can go unseen for quite some time.

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