Working Exclusively For You and Not Your Insurer

Barclays Public Adjusters is a team of professional adjusting experts who have your best interest at the core of its services; we work only for you and not your insurance company. As experts in public adjusting, disaster claims consulting, and insurance appraisal, we are renowned for the top-tier services we provide for our clients in South Florida.
Our goal is to properly advocate for our client’s insurance rights so they can recover their maximum claim while staying compliant with policy terms. We handle several types of insurance claims, including roof leaks, water damage, sinkholes, hail and wind, fire and smoke, hurricane, and mold. Our years of experience in adjusting property claims for homeowners and businesses make us your best bet for achieving maximum success in property damage claims.
Barclay’s public adjusters in South Florida are professionals, licensed, and have what it takes to assist you throughout the property claims process. Have you been asking yourself, “Is there a good public adjuster near me?”Look no further; our experts will level the playing field for you and help you obtain the maximum claim settlement so that you can carry out your rebuild and repair projects.

How We Work


Effective evaluation of your insurance policy to determine the best way to present your claim.


Developing the best possible strategy, documenting and substantiating every little detail.


We work with you every step of the way, keeping you informed of the progress of your insurance claims.


Negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible claim settlement from your insurance company.


Negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible claim settlement from your insurance company.


Since our inception, we’ve been there for property owners in South Florida, helping them with their water damage claims, mold damage claims, among others. Our licensed public adjusters are experienced in claims filing, and negotiations for different types of property damages, and their unsurpassed expertise is second to none.

We are setting the pace of effective public adjusting service in South Florida and are always readily available to provide expert insurance claim help while saving you time and stress.

Our commitment to our insured customers ensures that we are always on track in providing quality and affordable public adjusting service.

Property Adjuster, Estimator & Appraiser

Vitor DeOliveira

A resident of Florida for more than 20 years and having worked 8 yrs in the insurance industry, Vitor began his career in 2011, where he became an independent adjuster handling claims for all major carriers, including State Farm, USAA, Liberty Mutual throughout the US.

2 yrs after handling Catastrophe claims for all the major carriers throughout the US, Vitor decided to join State Farm IN 2013, where for 5 yrs he worked as a Field Adjuster handling all type of claims to include water, fire, wind/hail, and commercial and farm ranch claims all across Florida and the US. Following a successful career as an Insurance field adjuster in both Florida and Texas with State Farm, Vitor decided to transition into the Public Adjuster Field after having learned first-hand what is expected from the insurance carriers along with the challenges that arise in dealing with property insurance claims.

After initially concentrating on the Company’s hub territory of South Florida, Vitor’s area of operation has now been expanded to include both South and North Florida, specializing in water damage and hurricane cases along with smoke and fire damage to property, but Vitor also handles wind and Hailstorm claims throughout the Texas DFW metroplex area. His close understanding of the claim process and what is needed from the insurance carriers to get your claim approved more efficiently with more detailed terms of homeowners Insurance policies have proved to be a vital element in preparing successful claims for his clients.

Loss Consultant

Alex Jr. Poulsen

A resident of Florida all his life, Alex has seen it’s share of tropical storms and hurricanes that have struck and pass by the Orange State.

As a loss consultant for Barclays Public Adjusters, Alex strives to advise owners and families through the process of proper claim preparation, presentation, and adjustment following loss or damage. One of his main objectives is to inspect and evaluate the damages that can be superficial and the hidden damages in detail. With the experience and the latest industry technology, he is able to estimate the true total value of loss done to a property.

This will ensure that nothing is overlooked including hidden damages.

Estimator & Appraiser

Brian Ferreira

As an Estimator and Appraiser, Brian Ferreira brings years of knowledge to Barclays Public Adjusters’ team. With many years in the construction industry, Brian has developed the knowledge and understanding of price and value when assessing a damaged property. By utilizing the latest technology in the industry, Brian has helped many homeowners acquire the highest return amount from the insurance company possible by considering its replacement cost and also any diminished value due to the damages caused to them. 

Loss Consultant

Richard Elliott

As a loss consultant, Richard Elliot has brought a lot of knowledge to Barclays Public Adjuster by making sure to inspect the site. After completing a thorough inspection, he will document the damages using the latest equipment and software to record all photos and video where appropriate. The team also takes a critical analysis of any damage that could include any underlying structures. When all inspection is complete, he prepares a listing of all damaged materials and helps with the cost, consisting of the replacement pricing.