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Hail / Wind

Serious calamities such as hurricanes and floods have been forced to insure their homes and businesses against hurricane damage. Wind damage causes a variety of issues to an insured’s home or business.

Water / Plumbing

As a property owner, you have a duty to insure your property against water damage. A lot of property loss cases are due to water damage. This means that majority of insurers in the area have complicated the process of compensating clients who hold water damage policies.

Roof Leaks

The force of the rain, followed by an increase in sun rays and temperature, has severely weakened the integrity of roofs causing leaks in the interior of the homes.


It is important to act fast when evidence of Mold is seen in order to avoid any health risks. We are familiar with all aspects of mold damage claim and will therefore push for the right compensation.


Sinkholes are depressions in the land caused by a gradual, natural process of erosion.Sinkhole activity normally occurs in places with large amounts of water, such as lakes and rivers.

Fire / Smoke

Fire losses not only cause damage from the flames but smoke damage is another serious issue. Fire accidents are a common occurrence and nobody is immune to them.