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How to Document Storm Damage

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When dealing with an insurance company, it’s essential that storm damage is documented before a claim is made and the insurer’s adjuster arrives. Any cleanup activities should be postponed until individuals have had time to take photos and/or video of the damage. Don’t throw anything away. It’s essential that the insurance company is able to view the damage in its original state. Be careful while documenting the destruction.

Room by Room

Start by thoroughly documenting one room at a time. Take photos or videos of all the damage, no matter how insignificant it might seem. People tend to focus on the major areas of damage and neglect small things that can turn into a larger issue later on. Make sure there’s a back up of all photos and video recorded on a thumb drive, external hard drive or to the cloud.

Detailed List

Again, homeowners need to go room by room, perform a visual inspection of losses. It’s important to note which room is being inventoried such as master bedroom, basement, kitchen, and so on.


If there are receipts for any of the damaged items, such as furniture, appliances and even clothing, gather the receipts and place them in a folder along with the written inventory. It will be much easier to work with the insurance company when individuals make a claim or if they need to hire a public adjuster.

Living Expenses

Damage to the home may be so severe that the structure isn’t safe. Individuals will need to find a hotel or other temporary living arrangements. Keep every receipt for hotels, food and clothing, along with copies of texts, credit card receipts and any other communications relating to the home damage.

Add the documentation to the information folder, along with duplicate copies to the thumb drive or cloud. Only then will individuals be prepared to file a claim with their insurance company.

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