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Can You Get a Larger Settlement if You Hire a Public Adjuster?

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The simple answer is yes, but much will depend on the terms of your policy and any exclusions. However, the insurance industry does track data about public adjusters and their role in settlements. Statistics show that settlements can be as much as 3 to 5 times larger when you hire a public adjuster. Individuals that hire professionals to help with their claims receive their compensation faster and with less stress.

Even if you’ve already filed a claim directly with the insurance company and the insurer considers the claim settled, you can still hire a public adjuster. That’s the most common way that public adjusters become involved in a homeowner’s claim.

When a homeowner files a claim, the insurance company will send one of its adjusters to view the damage and assign a dollar amount – the amount he/she determines it will cost for repairs and restoration. That figure isn’t always in alignment with actual costs.

What most homeowners don’t understand is that it’s the job of the adjuster to meet the letter of the insurance policy, while saving as much money as possible for the insurer. The insurance company’s adjusters only work in the company’s best interests.

A public adjuster works only for you and there are no upfront costs. Their payment is determined by the amount of extra money they negotiate on your behalf. Public adjusters receive a percentage of the additional money they recover for you from the insurance company.

In Florida, public adjusters are allowed to charge a maximum of 20 percent of the additional funds they recover. When a claim is made after a state of emergency has been declared, adjusters are limited to a 10 percent fee.

Hiring a public adjuster is a good idea, especially after home damage related to severe storms or a hurricane. With the rising costs of building materials due to supply chain issues and inflation, hiring a public adjuster is a smart move for homeowners.

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