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Do Public Adjusters Help to Resolve Claims Faster?

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The claims process for home damages can be a lengthy and frustrating endeavor, depending on the insurer. A public adjuster can help facilitate the process and, in many instances, even obtain a larger reimbursement for damages. Public adjusters are often successful in closing claims to the homeowner’s satisfaction in as little as 30 to 90 days.

Homeowners can choose to hire a public adjuster at any time during the claims process. They can do so after contacting their insurer, when they receive the insurance company’s cost estimate, or even after the insurer has closed the claim.

Insurance companies will typically try to close a claim in no more than 30 days. They know that policy holders are eager to get back in their home as soon as possible and may be willing to take the first offer tendered. However, that monetary reimbursement may not be sufficient to make the needed repairs.

A public adjuster works for the policy holder, not the insurance company. They work as a personal advocate for the homeowner to maximize their settlement. Multiple studies demonstrate that homeowners receive larger settlements when they work with an adjuster than those that don’t.

Insurance companies employ their own team of adjusters to assess damage to policy holder’s homes. These adjusters work completely for the insurance agency to minimize expense to the company, while ensuring the terms are followed.

Public adjusters are highly trained professionals and cognizant of costs. They will examine the homeowner’s policy to discover if anything has been overlooked or exclusions inappropriately applied. They can negotiate on behalf of the homeowner for a larger settlement.

A public adjuster is particularly beneficial in today’s climate of high inflation. Supply chain issues and other factors have increased the cost of materials dramatically. Few insurance companies will account for inflation and base reimbursement amounts on pre-inflation prices. Public adjusters can expedite claims and secure a larger settlement.

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