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If I Hire a Public Adjuster, Can I do My Own Insurance Claim Work?

Own Insurance

The answer is no. Once a homeowner has signed off on a claim with their insurance company, the policy holder can’t reopen the claim – even if they discover the settlement was insufficient to cover the costs. Only a lawyer or a public adjuster has the authority to perform that task.

The public adjuster is empowered to reopen the claim and negotiate on behalf of their client. The professional will handle all the details connected with the claim and communicate findings and responses to their client. There’s no money due up front. The public adjuster can charge up to 20 percent of any additional funds that are awarded by the insurance company.

Contractor Advice

A subject that’s often brought up by homeowners is contractors. Don’t ask a public adjuster for referrals or advice on hiring a contractor. It represents a conflict of interest and is a serious violation of their professional code of ethics.

DIY Repairs

Many distraught homeowners that find their initial insurance reimbursement insufficient believe a DIY approach will save them money and maybe even put a little cash in their pocket. While the State of Florida does allow individuals to make repairs on their home, it’s critical that people understand that all work must conform to specific safety standards and undergo an inspection.

DIY repairs seldom go as smoothly as planned, typically cost more than anticipated, and can even place the home and occupants in danger without proper oversight. Homeowners will undergo extensive supervision if they do the work themselves. Conversely, insurance companies often allow homeowners to perform low-skill jobs for themselves such as cleaning up debris.

Many insurance companies require that any repair or restoration work covered by an insurance claim must be completed by a licensed contractor in the required specialty. That can include the fields of plumbing, electrical, carpentry, plasterers and painters, along with insulation and mechanical contractors.

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