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What Makes a Good Public Adjuster?

Public adjuster South Florida

A public adjuster is an advocate for insurance policyholders. They work entirely for the benefit of home or business owners and not for the insurance company. Public adjusters have a variety of qualities that clients can rely upon when dealing with an insurance company regarding underpayment or denial of a claim.


A public adjuster will review the terms of the client’s policy to determine if the claim has been underpaid or wrongfully denied. Public adjusters can charge up to 20 percent of any additional reimbursement made by the insurer. They’re not going to accept cases unless there’s a reasonable basis for recovery. They have the authority to reopen a claim and negotiate on behalf of their client.

Time Management

Public adjusters are excellent time managers. Every communication with the insurance company is made with one goal – to obtain additional reimbursement for the client. They understand the urgency that clients have in getting their life back together after a disaster and can potentially conclude a claim in as little as 30 to 90 days.

Attention to Detail

Every detail of the client’s policy will be examined to determine coverage and its limits, along with any exclusions. He/she will also inspect the site to make their own calculations about the cost of rebuilding. Public adjusters know what forms to submit to the insurer and the proofs that will be required.

Industry Knowledge

With little variance, the insurance industry uses the same terms, tactics and reasoning to underpay or reject a claim. A public adjuster is familiar with the insurance industry and has detailed knowledge of how the industry works.

Clear Communication

There’s no need to wonder about the terms of service or how progress on the claim is advancing. Public adjusters are clear and concise verbal and written communicators, whether they’re dealing with an insurance company or keeping clients apprised of how they’re advocating for them.

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