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How to Protect Your Home from Summer Storms

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Summer storms can develop quickly over South Florida. They can contain strong winds, heavy rain and even hail, depending on conditions. There’s no way to tell if a simple summer rain will build into a severe summer storm. However, there are some precautions that individuals can take to protect their home from damage if a storm turns violent.

Impact Resistant Glass

Windows can be broken from hail, strong winds and flying debris. Installing impact resistant glass is one of the easiest ways to prevent glass damage. Similar to the glass used in vehicles, it doesn’t shatter and break if it sustains an impact. If the impact is strong enough, the glass will crack into many small pieces that remain together in the frame. Another advantage of impact resistant glass is that it will aid in managing cooling costs.


The next best thing to shatter proof class is shutters. They’re available for ordinary windows and are particularly effective for larger sliding glass doors. Accordion-style shutters are attractive, add value to the home, and fold back out of the way when not in use. They’re much more convenient than nailing up plywood to protect against storms and they don’t take up valuable storage space, as they’re affixed to the house.

Garage Door Bracing

One of the most overlooked items that can be damaged in a storm is the garage door. Even the most high-quality materials will flex during high winds. Bracing can be strategically installed to minimize flexing and prevent the door from folding in on itself during high winds.

Remove Debris

In high winds, loose items can become fast moving missiles that cause considerable damage. If a storm is predicted, remove yard debris such as downed branches. Remove toys, patio furniture and other items that can be blown around and store it them in the garage or an outbuilding. Don’t forget to secure trash and recycling receptacles.

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