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Tips for Avoiding a Homeowner’s Claim on Halloween

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Decorating for Halloween is fun for you as a homeowner and the trick-or-treaters that will magically appear on your doorstep. The downside is that fright night can also be the cause of a major injury or disaster if proper precautions aren’t observed. As the homeowner, you’re responsible for taking appropriate measures to protect your property and those on it. The following are the top safety tips for safety that can aid in preventing the need for filing an insurance claim.

Sequester Pets

Place dogs and cats in a quiet room away from guests, whether you’re having a party or dealing with trick-or-treaters. It will prevent them from inadvertently running off into the night. Cats get frightened and dogs may bite thinking they’re protecting the home.

Non-Flammable Décor

Indoor Halloween décor can be highly flammable. Use care when selecting and placing decorations throughout your home.

Avoid Flame Candles

Use battery operated candles for ambiance. They’re far safer. If you insist on using traditional candles, never leave them unattended, even for a moment.

Safe Lighting

If you’re using lights from the previous year, make sure they’re all working and don’t have any frayed wires. It’s a good idea never to hook more than three strands together. Keep the use of extension cords to a minimum.

Paths and Walkways

Keep all walkways, paths and driveways clear of debris. Even fallen leaves can create a slippery surface leading to a slip and fall accident. Don’t place decorations to close to walkways or doorways as children can bump into them and fall.

Theft and Vandalism

More claims are made by homeowners on Halloween than any other time of the year. Costly decorations are the target of thieves. Those that are intent on mischief egg homes and vandalize vehicles and homes. Keep vehicles and outbuildings locked. Consider putting away expensive decorations at the end of trick-or-treating.

Check Your Insurance Policy

While it many not seem like an essential Halloween activity, you need to be aware of what your policy covers and its monetary limits. No matter how careful you are, the risk of a fire, theft, vandalism or a slip and fall accident always exists.

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