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Storm Damage Claims In Tamarac

Living in South Florida comes with its benefits, like it’s year-long beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, and laid back culture. While South Florida homeowners, business owners, and property managers get to enjoy this practically every single day, we unfortunately have to face tough storms and inclement weather alongside our sunny days. 

While a usual storm may not seem like a big deal most of the time, South Florida faces the tough challenge of being just above sea level, meaning even a light storm that lasts a few hours can lead to serious flooding. South Floridians also have to hunker down and prepare for the worst from July through November every year as hurricane after hurricane rolls through. 

Although newer buildings in South Florida are made up to established hurricane building codes, many homes and businesses built prior to 2000 may not be up to the necessary standards. This can lead to high wind speeds ripping through your roof, or heavy rainfall leading to flooding throughout a home. Unfortunately these instances do happen, so it’s important to be as prepared as possible. It may seem like the logical step to reach out to your insurance company right away, but if you’re looking to file storm damage claims in Tamarac, make sure you speak with the team at Barclays Public Adjusters first.

Wind Damage 

South Florida storms ranging from the daily thunderstorm to the devastating hurricane bring about high winds that can actually leave devastation in its wake. Rapid storm winds can lead to damage roofs, displaced trees and shrubbery, overturned cars, etc. Depending on the nature of the storm, you could find yourself needing to make immediate and necessary repairs to some serious damage. 

While your insurance provider will certainly assist with your wind damage claim in Tamarac, make no mistake: they sadly have different financial goals than you. Where you’re just trying to afford the repairs for your property, they’re actively working to provide you with the lightest claim amount possible. As experts in storm damage claims in Tamarac our team of highly skilled public adjusters work with you to ensure you get the right amount to take care of that roof or other damage caused by heavy winds blowing through your home or business.

Flood Damage 

A deadly byproduct of any storm, flooding in South Florida can lead to serious damage all around. With South Florida just 6 feet above sea level, flooding caused by overflowing lakes and storm surges along the coast can be absolutely devastating. Unfortunately, we’ve worked with clients in the past whose homes and businesses were severely impacted and in states of complete disrepair. We know how difficult of a time this can be, which is why we walk you through each and every step of the claims process. Our goal is to make this difficult time as simple as possible so you can focus on your loved ones and getting your life back. 

Unnamed Storm Damage In Tamarac

While many South Floridians don’t even put up their shutters, unnamed storms such as tropical depressions can actually lead to property damage and flooding. While nowhere near as powerful as a hurricane, a tropical depression can actually bring wind speeds up to 38 miles an hour and torrential downpours over land. In fact, tropical depressions can actually leave serious damage in their wake. 

While any given hurricane season typically has 3 major storms and 6 total hurricanes, there are on average 31 tropical depressions that form. While many may dissipate in the Atlantic, it’s not surprising to see a good number of them cause property damage which will need repairs right away. Typical damages we see after these unnamed storms include uprooted trees, broken windows and fences, impacted roofs, and more. Thanks to Barclays, we make sure you can rest easy even after a storm has passed. Looking to learn more about how to file your storm damage claim in Tamarac? Simply contact us online and our team will be more than happy to help you in this trying time.

Get Your Claims Process Started Today

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