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Precautions to Protect Homes, Businesses and Vehicles

House Inspection

It’s far better to take precautions against theft and vandalism than trying to file a claim for damages after the fact. The issuer of your home, auto or business insurance prefers it and doing so is an investment in your property. Damage can arrive in many forms, from someone trying to steal a vehicle to […]

A Public Adjuster is an Invaluable Ally During a Business Interruption

Public adjuster South Florida

No one can fully anticipate the impact of a business interruption. It’s reasonable to assume regular business will be interrupted in the event of a hurricane, but there are many other situations that can result in a loss of revenues. Individuals operating an enterprise know the value of maintaining business interruption insurance, but collecting on […]

Understanding Insurance Company Denials

home insurance policy

One of the biggest mistakes that owners of a home insurance policy make is assuming that any damage to their residence is covered. People buy insurance to protect their investment, only to discover a gap in coverage or that a particular instance isn’t covered when they file a claim. Homeowners typically feel that they’ve been […]

Tips for Avoiding a Homeowner’s Claim on Halloween

home insurance policy

Decorating for Halloween is fun for you as a homeowner and the trick-or-treaters that will magically appear on your doorstep. The downside is that fright night can also be the cause of a major injury or disaster if proper precautions aren’t observed. As the homeowner, you’re responsible for taking appropriate measures to protect your property […]

Sinkholes and Your Insurance


A typical homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover sinkholes or other instances involving movement of the earth such as earthquakes and landslides. However, the law in Florida requires insurers to cover catastrophic ground cover collapse. Defining Ground Cover Collapse This is when the ground gives way and causes structural damage to a building and its foundation. While […]

Will Insurance Pay for My Air Conditioning?

Own Insurance

Air conditioning is a necessity in the hot and humid Florida climate. The good news is that in many instances, your AC unit is covered under your standard homeowner’s policy for repair or replacement – provided its damaged or destroyed by a listed peril in the policy. Limitations and Terms May Apply It’s important to […]

8 Qualities of a Public Adjuster

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A public adjuster has a wide variety of qualities and characteristics that he or she utilizes every day. They have a code of conduct to which they adhere and all interactions with clients are maintained in strict confidence. Professional Qualities The public adjuster you hire will use their professional skills to your benefit, not your […]

6 Six Steps for Finding the Right Public Adjuster

Public adjuster South Florida

If an insurance claim has been denied or underpaid, many people turn to a public adjuster to reopen the claim, negotiate with the insurer, and get additional reimbursement. The question then becomes, how to find the professional that’s right for you. The following are 6 steps to employ on your search for a public adjuster. […]

5 Tips for Dealing with Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims

The first thing to know about hurricane insurance is that you need to choose the lowest deductible possible. A 10 percent deductible on a $500,000 home will cost you $50,000 out of pocket. The cost of the insurance will be higher overall, but save you considerable money when a hurricane strikes. The aftermath of a […]

How to Protect Your Home from Summer Storms

water damage restoration specialist

Summer storms can develop quickly over South Florida. They can contain strong winds, heavy rain and even hail, depending on conditions. There’s no way to tell if a simple summer rain will build into a severe summer storm. However, there are some precautions that individuals can take to protect their home from damage if a […]

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