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Can a Public Adjuster Reopen a Denied Insurance Claim?

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The answer is yes. If the company that issues your home insurance denies your claim, a public adjuster has the power and authority to reopen the claim and negotiate for more money on your behalf. The Facts A public adjuster is not the same as the insurance adjuster that your insurer sends to perform an […]

Homeowners Insurance: Why You Need It


In some instances, homeowner’s insurance isn’t just a need, it’s a requirement. If you obtain a mortgage to purchase a home, insurance is required. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first home, a vacation getaway or an income property, homeowner’s insurance protects your investment. You can legally own a home without insurance if it’s completely […]

If I Hire a Public Adjuster, Can I do My Own Insurance Claim Work?

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The answer is no. Once a homeowner has signed off on a claim with their insurance company, the policy holder can’t reopen the claim – even if they discover the settlement was insufficient to cover the costs. Only a lawyer or a public adjuster has the authority to perform that task. The public adjuster is […]

What is the Advantage of a Public Adjuster?

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Insurance companies provide coverage for damage to homes and businesses when a disaster occurs. However, the bottom line is that insurance companies are in the business of making money. What policyholders need to understand is that any claim they make can be underpaid or denied for any number of reasons. That’s when the advantages of […]

Can You Use a Public Adjuster for Auto Claims?

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It’s possible to utilize the services of a public adjuster for auto claims, but a majority of the professionals deal primarily with property. There are public adjusters that specialize in auto claims and will work with clients to ensure they receive a fair settlement following an auto accident. It’s important to understand the terms of […]

There is Always Damage you Cannot See After a Flood

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A flooding event is frightening for families and causes considerable damage and loss. What you may not know is that the damage that results from a flood is far more extensive than what you can easily see. There’s always hidden damage after a flood that can affect the entirely of your home. Floors and Foundations […]

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