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5 Tips for Dealing with Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims

The first thing to know about hurricane insurance is that you need to choose the lowest deductible possible. A 10 percent deductible on a $500,000 home will cost you $50,000 out of pocket. The cost of the insurance will be higher overall, but save you considerable money when a hurricane strikes. The aftermath of a […]

How to Protect Your Home from Summer Storms

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Summer storms can develop quickly over South Florida. They can contain strong winds, heavy rain and even hail, depending on conditions. There’s no way to tell if a simple summer rain will build into a severe summer storm. However, there are some precautions that individuals can take to protect their home from damage if a […]

Can You Trust Contractors Referred by Your Insurance Company

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Locating a contractor to perform repairs, restorations or replacement to your home after a disaster can be a dauting endeavor. You want the work done as quickly as possible, especially if the home is uninhabitable, but you also want the highest quality work possible. In some instances, your insurer may have a network of preferred […]

Does Homeowner’s Insurance go up After a Claim?

The cost of homeowner’s insurance will typically increase when it’s time for renewal after you’ve filed a claim. Your insurer will view you as more likely to file a claim than other clients. That constitutes a risk in the view of insurers, with the potential that the insurance company will have to make a payout. […]

Types of Damage Caused by a Hurricane

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A hurricane is a massive storm of enormous scope and destructive power. It causes a wide range of damage due to storm surge, large waves, torrential rains, and strong winds. A hurricane can also spawn tornadoes that can occur for several days after the storm makes landfall. Hail may accompany a tornado. Hurricanes destroy homes, […]

5 Things to Know About Florida Public Adjusters

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A public adjuster is your best friend if you discover that your insurance company underestimated your homeowner’s claim or even denied it. They can also help if the insurance company has closed the claim. For those unfamiliar with public claim adjusters, here are 5 things to know. Who They Are Public adjusters are highly educated, […]

Hurricane Season and Property Insurance Claims

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Hurricane season officially runs from June 1 – Nov. 30 of each year. However, analysts have determined that the earliest hurricane on record occurred on May 28, 1863. Hurricanes come with torrential rain, flooding, high winds and insurance claims. There are some important details that residents of the Sunshine State need to know about hurricane- […]

Public Adjusters, Advocates for the Insured

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Dozens of disasters can befall homeowners and renters in South Florida. The Sunshine State is subject to torrential rain, hail, tornadoes, wildfires, and hurricanes. There are home fires, burst pipes, theft, and falling trees that can inflict significant damage to property. Policies for renters and homeowners are purchased to protect property, but there are also […]

Top 4 Things to Do After Discovering Water Damage to Your Home

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Water damage can extend much further than you think. The extent of the damage will depend on how long the damage has been occurring and the source. Damage can be taking place behind walls, under floors, and above ceilings without your knowledge. If you discover water damage, there are 4 essential steps you need to […]

Water Damage Clean Up Tips

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If the damage is due to a storm or defective appliance, there are some actions to take immediately. Stem the flow of water by turning it off at a location prior to the leak, tarp the roof, or take whatever other actions are required to minimize damage. Not doing so can result in a denied […]

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