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Barclays Public Adjusters – Assuring Protection and Insuring Damage Recovery Against Water Leakages


Water is the most essential element for survival and a blessing for all; however, it can be as devastatingly evil as anything else.  

Even minor volumes of water or moisture can cause uninvited damages to your house and electronical appliances, leading to unplanned expenses and putting the life of yourself as well as your loved ones in danger.  

Everyone can get a bit negligent when it comes to water leakage issues and its consequent effects, but the minor negligence does not have to come at a hefty cost – especially when one is covered by insurance. 

Yet it is common knowledge that insurance companies do not easily agree to help in paying back the damages, and the onus begrudgingly falls upon the end user. 

Therefore, to help you mitigate water-caused damages and recover damages, let us understand what it takes to keep our houses safe, dry, and securely insured. 

A Complex Affair 

Water is ever-present in different forms in our houses: from our sprinklers in the law, dishwashers in the kitchen, washing machines in the attic, to our plumbing structures that cover walls. 

Most of the time, we are unaware of the water leakages and notice it when it’s already too late because pipes are, well, a complex affair. 

Yet as soon as you observe a leakage or water stains forming around a surface, no matter how light, you must act fast and consult a professional public adjuster, who can diagnose the water leakage problem, reach the root cause of it, and suggest appropriate measures to limit the damages before it is a little too late. 

Natural Complications 

Not all water issues are equal, especially when it comes to natural causes behind water-caused problems. 

A torrential downpour can prove to be as disastrous as a relentless flood. Similarly, a hurricane can also expose your house to water that has adverse effects on the structure of your house. 

Therefore, in the most immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, it is most urgent that one reaches out to a public adjuster, such as Barclays Public Adjusters, to prevent any disaster from happening. 

Identifying An Issue 

As specified before, one must take an active approach towards eliminating disasters before they occur. Therefore, after every heavy rainfall, it is pertinent to get a house check and be assured. 

  • Even if there are not frequent rainfalls, one needs to be proactive in combatting water leakages as it often takes a few drops of water over  a period of time to bring everything (even our roofs) down. 
  • The most apparent and tell-tale sign is a brown, often circular, stain on the roof or on the walls. 
  • Second most evident indication could be a drip or a damp stain 
  • Moss and mold buildup is also an indication of an internal water leakage as moss and mold builds up in the presence of moisture. 

Post-Damage Suit 

Let’s say we have followed all the necessary precautions and called public adjusters on time, yet disasters, as unexpected as they are, still happen; and your house takes a lot of water-caused damage. 

What should one do next? The answer lies in consulting the public adjusters (again). Barclays Public Adjusters provide services to make the post-damage action plan less overwhelming for you by helping you to recover 300% to 700% more from insurance companies. 

After all, insurance covers unforeseen damages, and with public adjusters, you can be assured about fixing and rebuilding your house again. 


Natural and man-made disasters are often beyond our control; however, the ability to limit the damages and recover damages are well within our control. All it takes is some effort and a call to a public adjuster like Barclays Public Adjuster to undo all the harm caused. 

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