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Water damage

Barclays Public Adjusters is a company that helps homeowners recover the full amount or even more for their claims to insurance companies when they sadly happen to go through some sort of loss, like water damage. They offer a free in-home inspection that can help their clients start a claim and get their property fixed with no out-of-pocket money to them, giving them security in knowing that even though something has unfortunately happened within their home, they are in the best of hands when it comes to getting it sorted. 

Water damage is a major concern to a lot of people for many different reasons. It can come from situations like storms, floods, and from possibly a frozen and then burst pipe. The upsetting part of this is that it can damage your home’s ceilings, walls, and floors alongside expensive electrical equipment within minutes. Alongside this, there can be repercussions of water damage, like if it is not dealt correctly it can lead to mold within your home and that is something we want to ensure does not happen. The immediate clean-up is needed to get your home back to being safe for you and your family, but we also need to organize a plan for handling this situation when it comes to your water damage claim. 

Barclays Public Adjusters have been negotiating claims for many years and have helped many of their clients succeed with their battle on insurance companies due to unfortunate events that happen within their homes. If any water damage has happened to your home, the first thing that we want you to do is to stop the flow of water or leakage from causing any more damage to your home. Any collection of water needs to be removed and try to dry the areas that have been affected as soon as possible, maybe even considering calling a water extraction company to help you with them. 

Internal plumbing structures are often so complicated that you may not notice when leakage or a burst occurs until it’s too late. Other unexpected water damage sources such as washing machines, slop sinks, dishwashers, leaks from shower pans, and refrigerator water lines can take you by surprise! When these plumbing disasters surface, you need to act fast. A public adjuster will give you the immediate attention your property deserves. 

Water damage can happen due to a variety of reasons, like plumbing issues such as expansion tank failures. Some of these issues can even be a slow leak which can cause a lot of damage over a prolonged period of time which can become even more costly for the homeowner. So, keeping an eye on these things are key to be sure that this doesn’t happen to you anytime soon, hopefully never!  

Barclays Public Adjusters don’t just deal with water damage, they have a range of services that they provide to homeowners like fire, hail, hurricane and so much more. 

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