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At Barclays Public Adjusters, the focus is on helping house owners get a full refund, or maybe more, of the claim from an insurance company in the event of any loss. As the best public adjusters in South Florida, our objective is to fight hard against the insurance companies and put a smile on the face of the people when they get to know that their sweet home will be repaired completely free of cost. 

How To Get Approval For Roof Damage Insurance Claim 

There can be several ways by which the roof of a building can get damaged. It could be due to a fallen tree, hail storm, strong wind, or a hurricane. It has been found that most owners are unaware of the damage till the time it becomes a chronic problem or until there are compounding issues like a leak or interior damage. In case you fail to be proactive after any such event can lead to denial of any damage claim. 

In this blog, we will discuss a few tips related to roof damage claim services so that you are better equipped to deal with an insurance claim, deal with adjusters, and also handle roof inspections: 

The Roof Damage Claim Process 

Most of the insurance companies are profit motive, and so they dismiss roof damage claims. The top priority is not always in the policy holder’s interest or to restore the damage to the property. Discussed below are the steps how you are supposed to proceed with a damage insurance claim: 

Suppose a storm hits your area that is strong enough to damage the roof. Since you are concerned, you contact the roofing agency and conduct an inspection. It is found that the roof has been damaged. The agency gives you a full estimate of the replacement since it is not sufficient enough to just repair the damage. 

You then approach the insurance company, and you go ahead with the roof damage insurance claim procedure. Although the paperwork is complicated, still you meticulously report the damage in detail and answer all the questions as appropriately as possible. 

The insurance company appoints an adjuster to inspect your property and appraise the damage. It is found that the damage is extensive in various areas. It is further agreed that simply replacing or repairing the damage will not be enough. Hence, payment is approved for a complete replacement of the roof. 

However, the incidences are very few where the insurance claim is so smooth. Instead, the insurance adjuster will approve the minimum roof repair. On top, there are certain roof damages that are not covered through insurance at all. 

Factors Why Roof Damage Claims Get Denied 

Although roof damage caused by wind, hail, and storm are covered through insurance, there are instances when insurance companies will refuse to extend compensation. These are: 

Exclusion of wind and hail – Though it happens to be the rarest, some policies of a few insurers do not include damages due to hail and wind storms. 

Failure on the part of the policy holder to respond on time to roof damage – If there has been a problem for several months, it becomes difficult to get the approval for coverage. It is the same as contributory negligence. It is always the responsibility of the insurer to report the damage on time. 

The insurer’s inability to correctly identify the date of the incident – Most people do not know that this is most crucial. Insurance agencies keep track of the storms in the same way as the insurance restoration contractors. It is usually referred to as the hail date. Vaguely pointing out hail damage as the reason for roof damage is not enough; there has to be a particular storm on record. 

Too old for repair – Even if a roof has been perfectly installed, there is no way it would last forever. Usually, roofs that are more than 15 years old will not be easily considered for damage insurance. 

How Can Public Adjusters Like Barclays Help Maximize Roof Damage Claims 

Having someone who cares about you is crucial so that you can get the roof damage claim approved. It will ensure that you get a thorough roof repair service. There is a strong possibility that some of the public adjusters, including us, will waive off the fee if you go with the recommended roofing contractors. The reason is that the public adjusters are paid the fee from the profit that contractors generate for providing their services paid by the insurance company. 

Therefore, if you hire a good enough public adjuster, you can save a lot of money. Also, we would like to let you know that we do not get paid unless your roof damage claim gets approved. 

How Can A Public Adjuster Like Barclays Assist With Damage Claim 

We can assist you with a roof damage claim in the following manner: 

We would first carry out a thorough inspection of the damage. It becomes difficult to get approval unless there is a full report of the damage. No additional damage is entertained later on. Therefore, it is guaranteed that you will get full damage approval if the report is detailed enough. 

Being the best roof damage claim adjusters, we would advise you of the loopholes and the technical limitations that insurance agencies usually resort to for rejecting claims. There is a possibility that a plain, simple intimation might be straight away rejected. The reason is – a term like flooding is covered through a separate policy. Therefore, inappropriate terminology can lead to a denial. 

Also, roofing companies and public adjusters have details about the hail date and time. The same would be reported while forwarding your claim. Therefore, everything will be covered if you file your claim through us. 

Because of our experience as ceiling damage claim experts and background knowledge, we know how to appeal against low cost repairs that are simply insufficient for a thorough repair. In case the insurance agency does not follow our advice, we can always resort to policy terms and conditions and legal procedures. 

At Barclays, we are committed to our clients’ rights so that they can recover the maximum claim. We have handled several types of cases till date, and we are a licensed public adjuster. In case you are having any such issue, feel free to ring us at (866) 724-4473. 

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