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How Barclays Public Adjusters can help you with your water/mold claims

At Barclays Public Adjusters, the Best public adjusters in South Florida, we know that water
and mold damages to your house are much more than an eyesore. In other words, we know that
in addition to deteriorating the décor of your property, mold damages can be a potential threat to
your loved ones. Mold damages are silent and sneaky, and thus they look harmless to you, but do
you know if you let it worsen, it can turn deadly?

Why do you need to act if you notice mold or water damages in your home?

Mold originates from water flooding, and it is a sign that excess moisture is getting trapped in the
walls and grounds of your home or office. Although green mold is pretty harmful, you should be
worried if you start noticing the disastrous black mold. Besides impacting the walls and ceilings
of your home, mold can lead to the breaking down of your HVAC systems, and in worst cases, it
can also cause various respiratory diseases. If you don’t take the initiatives to repair it, then over
time, it can lead to the destruction of your priced décor items and furniture, and even electronic
Similarly, water damages can stem from the bursting of pipes, storms, and floods. Almost
instantly or within a few days, the water can spread across ceilings, floorings, and walls, thus
damaging the electrical connections along the way. Over time, the moisture seeping can trigger
mold growth, thus posing a threat to your health.

Why should you consult Barclays Public Adjuster to help with mold remediation?

Although you might think control and removal of mold from your property to be pretty easy, it
will get challenging and confusing as you proceed. For starters, the process will get stretched
unnecessarily, and then you need to hire industrial hygienists and mold assessors to get the job
done. You must have your standard policy, but whether it will cover the damage caused by mold
will depend on various factors. For instance, the insurance company will demand to ask whether
the mold damage was caused by lack of maintenance or whether the real culprit is the
malfunctioning of your building’s plumbing system. Thus you need to identify the cause of the
mold and water damage before placing your claims to the insurance company.

Why should you reclaim the values lost due to mold damages?

You might think that you should get involved in a ton of legal procedures to place your claims of
mold damages. Although you might not be able to understand the depth of the destruction
initially, you will gradually find your property losing its appeal. Knocking on an insurance
company’s doors is not also recommended because you might end up getting lesser
compensation. As a result, it might not even cover the cost of the damages. Mold claims are
expensive and costly because the damage is not only limited to the visible signs that you can see
but after that, you will also have to face some limitations in your property. You would also have
to deal with the restoration of your home décor, office furnishings, etc., and thus your indirect
costs will skyrocket at a lightning-fast rate. That is why we would suggest that you
consider water damage claim services from us as it would save much of your time.

When should you consult us immediately?

If you can relate to any of the following situations, then don’t waste another second to get in
touch with us over the phone:
● You do not have adequate knowledge to submit a water or mold claim, and also the
process seems to be quite complicated to you.
● You have contacted the insurance company, but it is not taking the necessary actions
swiftly to get you compensated.
● You are suffering from loss of income because your office is infested with mold, and as a
result, you will have to restore it entirely before inviting your employees back to work.
● The insurance company has taken a look at your claim but has rejected it.
● The insurance company has agreed to compensate, but you doubt the fairness of the
● You need an advocate to present your claim to ensure equitable settlement.
● The insurance company has already compensated you, but you think that you have been
Regardless of the issues you face in submitting the claims; our remediation experts will support
you during such a devastating time and ensure that you return to normalcy as soon as possible.

How will we help you with your water and mold claims?

We understand that not all insurance companies offer the same coverage for mold damages, and
thus, we will thoroughly research the conditions of your standard policy before proceeding
ahead. Most insurance companies tend to offer coverage if the mold damages have occurred
suddenly, like after a storm or rainfall. Our best mold claim adjusters will assist you with your
claims in the following ways:
● Assessing your insurance policy to determine the mold coverage section.
● Submitting claims to the insurance company on your behalf.
● Scheduling the initial meeting and inspection with the adjuster of your insurance
company at the earliest.
● Gather proof of your damage with the help of photos, moisture meters, etc., and if expert
assistance is needed, we might call engineers and architects to document the damages.
● Designing an estimate of repairs essential to restore your property to the pre-mold
infestation state.
● Making reports to mention your living expense, loss of income, or rent.
● Preparing the document and convincing for an advance payment
● Recommending temporary housing, plumbers, electricians, mold remediation specialists,

How to get started?

Contrary to your belief, mold and water damage would not disappear on its own even if you
decide to vacate your property for a few days. You will have to produce and submit your claims
to your insurance provider to start the repairs at the earliest. The first step is the mold assessment
by our team of experts to estimate the mold infestation causes. Call us at (866) 724-4473 to
schedule your water and mold assessment.

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