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A plumbing problem is always expensive, unexpected, and filing a claim for water damage can leave homeowners feeling like their navigating an obstacle course. It generates stress and takes an emotional toll on the entire family. Hiring a public adjuster can help in multiple ways.

A public adjuster works for the benefit of the homeowner, not the insurance company. Individuals should never assume that their insurance company will pay for the full amount of damages without question. The insurer will send its own adjuster, whose job it is to comply with the policy’s terms, while minimizing the cost to the insurer and preserving the company’s bottom line.

An experienced adjuster is a specialist and has the ability to shrewdly negotiate with insurers to cover damages when insurance companies underestimate damages or balk at covering the cost. The licensed professionals provide expert adjusting services, consultations with individuals on their claims, and provides appraisals.

Professional adjusting companies will navigate the terms, clauses, legal language, and jargon of a client’s insurance policy. They’ll make individuals aware of any claim filing deadlines, restrictions, and the obligations of the homeowner as stated in the policy. The experts will handle the necessary documentation to expedite claims to achieve a sufficient monetary recovery to facilitate all necessary remediation, repairs and restorations.

Filing insurance claims for water damage can be a highly complex process, particularly in Florida. Ordinary situations encompassing leaky roofs, drippy pipes, or even burst conduits underground can be difficult to navigate, especially for individuals that live in areas at high risk for flooding – even if the damage wasn’t due to storms.

Hiring a public adjuster makes good sense, especially if the claim is large. An adjuster will typically charge clients a percentage of the claim amount. The professionals will speak on the client’s behalf and has experience in multiple facets of claim adjustment. When hiring an adjuster, the sooner that homeowners do so, the quicker the claim will be resolved.

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