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There is Always Damage you Cannot See After a Flood

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A flooding event is frightening for families and causes considerable damage and loss. What you may not know is that the damage that results from a flood is far more extensive than what you can easily see. There’s always hidden damage after a flood that can affect the entirely of your home.

Floors and Foundations

The most impacted area after a flood will be the floor. It’s not just the carpeting or hardwood floors that will be affected. Foundations can crack and subfloors may buckle, all of which results in significant structural damage that will render your home unlivable.


The development of mold is a very real concern after a flood and can make you sick. Mold will begin to grow in as little as 24 hours and its not limited to where water has touched. High humidity levels provide enough moisture in the warm Florida air. Mold will sink roots into any porous material such as wallboard, wood and concrete. All of those materials are commonly used in modern construction. It can grow undetected for weeks and even months.

Fire and Smoke

High water levels can swamp electrical outlets and fuse boxes, and create short circuits in electrical appliances that can result in severe shocks and fires. The smoke that’s generated during a fire contains microscopic particles that drift about and infiltrate appliances and behind walls, ceilings and floors.


Water-soaked wood is particularly attractive to a number of insect pests that will quickly descend on structures where they begin to chew, burrow and affect your home’s structural integrity.


Flood waters contain a variety of contaminants that can include chemicals, heavy metals, dead animals and sewage. That means a multitude of biological hazards encompassing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Even though you can’t seem them, they’ll be present if the premises aren’t remediated.

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