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Damage to a home or business can take many forms. It can occur from hurricanes, tornadoes, fire and smoke, a leaky pipe, mold, wind and hail, and even sinkholes. Getting the money you deserve from your insurance company to repair, replace and remediate damage can be a long process. It’s even more frustrating if the insurance company denies your claim, questions liability, or underestimates your reimbursement.

A public adjuster can negotiate a settlement on your behalf and are often able to resolve claims within 30 to 90 days. You get the maximum amount of reimbursement while remaining in compliance with all the terms of your insurance policy. Each claim is different and a public adjuster will document, substantiate and develop the best strategy for your particular circumstances.

The experts will negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to obtain the best reimbursement possible. Insurance companies maintain a staff of adjusters to assess damages when a policyholder files a claim. They work strictly for the benefit of the insurer to minimize the company’s losses. It’s common for an insurance adjuster to underestimate the amount needed to effectively repair a home or business.

In some instances, there may be unseen damage that only comes to light at a later date. One example is mold. A leaky roof can go unnoticed for months before damage becomes apparent. By that time, there may be a major mold infestation that has spread to other areas of the structure. Simply repairing the damage isn’t enough. Remediating mold is critical as the fungi can cause major health problems. It can also be costly.

A public adjuster is your best friend if your insurance claim has been denied or underpaid. The professionals only get paid when you do. They will review your policy, estimate damages, and prepare a claim report. The experts can reopen the claim and file a supplemental claim. They have the licensing, knowledge and experience to obtain a fair settlement. They work for you, not the insurance company.

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