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The Job of a Public Adjuster

South Florida Public Adjusters

A public adjuster provides a variety of services for clients. They have specialized knowledge that can be employed to help individuals file a claim for damages incurred to property, expedite a claim, and handle all the necessary documentation required. They can reopen a claim and negotiate on behalf of their client.

A public adjuster can also assist individuals that feel their properties have been assessed for more for tax purposes than they’re actually worth. The professionals are often called in when people are selling their property to determine its value.

Insurers are in the business of making money and they employ their own adjusters to determine a dollar amount the insurance company will pay toward damages. Insurance adjusters work on behalf of the insurance company that employs them to minimize the amount of money paid out on claims. In contrast, a public adjuster works strictly on behalf of their client to protect their interests – not the insurance company’s.

Most people don’t fully understand their policy or their coverage. A public adjuster will evaluate a client’s insurance policy to identify the specifics and ensure that the insurance company is adhering to the terms. The professional will use their training, experience and expertise to determine applicable coverage and the dollar amount of damages. They research each instance extensively to dispute the insurance company’s position, while substantiating and supporting their client’s claim.

Public adjusters are able to identify weak claims that are disputable. They also understand the legal terms and jargon inherent in policies that are unfamiliar and confusing to policy holders. An individual may believe they have a legitimate claim, but the terms of a policy may not support that. A public adjuster can explain in plain language to clients why their claim is valid or not.

It’s better for policy holders to know if their claim has substance and can be disputed. A public adjuster provides valuable information that individuals need to make informed decisions and plan accordingly.

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