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The Role of a Public Adjuster in Florida

Public adjuster South Florida

Public adjusters are the only type of adjuster that’s specifically licensed by the state to represent people that are insured when there’s a discrepancy or problem with an insurance claim. The professionals are highly trained to evaluate insurance policies, recognize weak claims, and act on behalf of their clients.

Insurance companies hire their own adjusters to assess damages when a claim is submitted. Their job is to protect the insurance company and shareholders – their employers – by minimizing the amount they pay out on claims. Insurers often delay a claim, outright deny it, and then attempt to defend the decision.

A Florida public adjuster provides multiple services for policy holders, one of which is alleviating the stress of dealing with the insurer. Public adjusters facilitate a recovery of funds for policy holders. The professionals examine the client’s policy, investigate the damage, and evaluate what can be salvaged.

They provide documentation that includes inventories, the extent of the damage to the home and contents, and negotiate with insurance companies. They can also assist with settling the case in court during litigation if that’s what’s required for the individual to be fairly compensated.

Public adjusters can help when there’s been a fire, flood or other type of natural disaster. They can assist in instances of bad faith actions, negligence on the part of the insurance adjuster, obtaining medical coverage, and business interruption claims. They can also reopen closed claims. Individuals that hire a public adjuster are more likely to receive a higher level of compensation for their losses.

Individuals that have experienced a traumatic event are often further traumatized by the claims process. Individuals may also be dealing with locating alternative shelter and/or injuries. Public adjusters provide clients with peace of mind, knowing that the adjuster is working only on their behalf to recover the compensation to which their entitled under the terms of their insurance policy.

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