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Some states do have online courses for insurance adjusters, but they’re preparatory sessions for taking the actual state-certified test in the state in which an individual lives. The Florida Public Adjuster Licensing Program is the only program designed for those that want to be a public adjustor within the state of Florida. To become a certified claims adjuster (CCA) in Florida, individuals must meet multiple requirements.

Would-be adjusters must successfully complete one of Florida’s adjuster-designated programs. They must also obtain one of the approved adjuster designations to earn an All-Lines Adjusters License.

Individuals must be appointed as a public adjuster apprentice and serve in that capacity for at least 6 months. Last, but not least, the apprentice must pass the Florida Public Adjuster Exam that’s given on behalf of the Florida Department of Financial Services and the Bureau of Licensing Testing. Pearson Vue administers the test and offers multiple locations to do so.

The laws to become a public adjuster in Florida are stringent. Failure to comply with any of the regulations governing public adjusters can result in forfeiture of licensing, steep financial penalties, and even felony charges. Individuals have the opportunity to access practice tests over a wide range of adjusting specialties.

There are also time limits that must be met in terms of accessing courses during apprenticeships. Individuals can purchase the courses separately rather than as part of full-course training. The licensing program is $275, the laws and rules of Florida public adjusting is $129, and practice exams are $119.

There’s a difference between an All-Lines Adjuster and public adjusters. An adjuster that works for an insurance company, independent firm or third-party administrator is an All-Lines Adjuster. Public adjusters are hired by an individual or company. They can file insurance claims on behalf of clients, negotiate on their behalf to secure a settlement, and works entirely on behalf of the client – not an insurance company.

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