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Most people assume that the claims adjuster their insurance company sends to assess damage for their claim has their best interests in mind. It’s important for homeowner policies to understand that insurance adjusters work for the insurance company to minimize payouts. That can result in payments that are insufficient for replacement costs. There are numerous ways in which a public adjuster can help individuals.

Fair Settlement

A public adjuster works for their client, not the insurance company. They can help individuals obtain a fair and equitable reimbursement within the bounds of their insurance policy for the damages their property has sustained. The adjuster will examine the entire insurance policy to determine the coverage, along with any limitations and exclusions. A public adjuster will explain the policy in clear language that clients can understand, without the legalese.

Assess the Damage

Public adjusters are professionals with the knowledge and expertise to accurately assess damages due to hurricanes, tornadoes, fire and smoke, hail and wind, water and plumbing, roof leaks, mold and sinkholes. They’ll provide a written assessment based on the damage and current replacement and restoration costs.

File Paperwork

There’s a mountain of paperwork involved in a claim and the filing process can be overwhelming. A public adjuster can complete and file all the necessary paperwork on behalf of their clients.


After an insurance company adjuster has assessed the damage, he/she may offer to write a check on the spot for damages. Many insurance companies will consider that full payment and assume the matter is closed. Others may intimate that the check is just an advance against the total amount.

Prices for materials, labor and rebuilding continue to rise. Individuals may discover that the insurance money they received falls far short of the amount actually needed. A public adjuster can negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of the insured to get them the money they need. Public adjusters can also reopen claims that have been closed when insurance payments don’t cover the full cost of actual expenses, minus any deductible.

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