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Negotiating with an Insurance Company can be a Full-time Job

Roof Leaks

Any homeowner that has filed a claim for minor damage to their home can understand how time-consuming it is. There are forms to fill out, questions to answer and depending on the insurance company, photographs to take. Then there’s the wait for an insurance adjuster to come and assess the damage.

For more extensive and complicated damages to homes, especially from fires, the more complex and time-consuming the process. Individuals are often required to take time off work to meet with insurance adjusters. That doesn’t take into consideration emails, numerous phone calls, and paperwork.

The claims process can cause even more stress to families facing the destruction of their home, finding alternate housing, replenishing their clothing, and dealing with the trauma. Families are unsure when their home will be repaired and livable again.

Insurance adjusters are in the business of saving the company money whenever and wherever they can. In addition, the assessment of the damage and monetary recompense provided by the insurance company’s adjuster may be insufficient to pay for all the repairs. There may also be damage that only becomes evident at a later date that can stop any reclamation and construction dead in its tracks.

All of those situations can be alleviated by hiring a public adjuster. The professionals work exclusively on behalf of their clients – not the insurance company. They complete paperwork, can reopen a claim, and negotiate a better settlement. Payment is in the form of a percentage of the settlement and there are no upfront fees. Clients remain informed of the process, but are shielded from the frustrating and time-consuming minutiae.

Hiring a public adjuster is far less expensive than engaging a lawyer to litigate. A little-known fact is that lawyers often use the services of a public adjuster in these types of cases. Individuals can eliminate the lawyer component and go straight to a public adjuster for a consultation and assistance in obtaining full recompense for every bit of damage.

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