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When an Unexpected Flood Causes Substantial Damage

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If a large storm or hurricane is approaching the South Florida shore, people expect that there will be storm surges and flooding. However, a seemingly innocuous rainstorm can also result in flooding and cause a great deal of damage of which individuals may be unaware.

Any heavy rainstorm or one that drops large amount of rain over several hours can result in ponding, along with flooding in low-lying areas, lakes and rivers. The rain can quickly overwhelm storm drains causing backups. Run off from new building projects also contribute to the problem.


Home and business foundations are constructed of concrete. It’s a strong material, but it’s porous. Water from flooding seeps into the concrete, widening cracks and worsening any type of existing damage. Fast moving water has the ability to undermine foundations, wash away soil, and impact the integrity of an entire structure.

Siding, Doors, Windows

Debris washed along by the force of water can land against siding resulting in dents and cracks. Even slowly rising water can enter under siding and soak into wood, which is also a porous material. The wood swells as it absorbs water. The result can be misaligned doors and window, along with cracks in door and window frames. Floors may develop a slope, indicating damage to the underpinnings of the structure.


Flood waters don’t have to be fast running to cause damage. They can enter basements and damage electrical systems. If the water rises high enough, it can damage electrical appliances. Super saturated soil from flooding has the ability to shift, causing damage and misalignment of water and sewer lines.


One of the often-overlooked effects of any type of flooding is mold growth. There are a variety of molds that are present in the environment. Warmth, moisture and a source of organic material is all that mold spores require to grow and flourish. Mold growth can begin in as little as 24 hours, requiring professional intervention and remediation to eliminate.

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