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Assessing Storm Damage


South Florida homes can sustain a significant amount of damage from the frequent storms that are generated. One of the most common areas to be damaged is roofs and its important that individuals conduct an assessment after storms that contain high winds or hail that can also result in falling branches. There are multiple symptoms for which people should be watchful.

Sometimes the damage will be immediately obvious when rainwater begins coming in. Other types of damage occur over time and can affect the structural integrity of the home. That’s why it’s so important to examine the roof after any storm.


Multiple types of damage can occur to shingles during a storm. All signs of damage aren’t immediately obvious. One subtle sign of a damaged roof is granules from shingles that have washed off and into gutters or downspouts.

Other types of roof damage are more noticeable, such as missing, torn, broken, dented or cracked shingles. There may actually be a hole in the roof from branches that have fallen. Broken branches that slide across the roof in the wind also damages shingles.


The gutters are often overlooked when individuals are assessing their roof damage. Look for dents and similar types of damage on gutters, vents, and flashing around skylights and chimneys, along with intersections and protrusions of the roof.

Surveying the Damage

After the storm is over, walk around the home and look at the roof from the ground level. Many types of damage can be observed in this way. Shingles from the roof may have blown off and landed on the ground or surrounding bushes and trees.

Don’t overlook the attic. A roof leak can be relatively small in size, but result in large amounts of damage. Look for wet or discolored areas where rain may have entered. If others in the neighborhood are having their roof inspected or damage repaired, it’s a good indication that individuals have damage to their own roof. Call for a professional roof examination.

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