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Should You Hire a Public Adjuster to Substantiate Your Losses?

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Documenting your losses after a catastrophic event is an essential part of the insurance claim process when homes have sustained damage. You’ll typically receive a form to complete that enables you to note specific items that were damaged. The form may also want to know the age of the items.

Hiring a public adjuster after your home has sustained damage can be a good way to protect your investment and ensure you receive the full amount of money and services that are outlined in your homeowner’s policy. Public adjusters work for you, not your insurance company, and they’re experts at deciphering the terms of policies.

Public adjusters can help you substantiate your losses and even negotiate on your behalf with your insurance provider. They have the ability to reopen your claim if the damage is more extensive and costly to get you the money to completely restore your home. You can help your public adjuster with a couple of basic measures.


Few people have the receipt for a microwave they purchased five years ago, yet insurance companies will expect you to prove every single one of your losses. If you don’t want to keep a box of receipts, the next best method is to maintain an inventory of all your possessions. You can easily document new purchases with the information from your receipt.


When your home has sustained damage, it’s important to document all aspects prior to a visit from the insurance adjuster. Take photos or video of the damaged areas, including furnishings and other items that were subject to flames or other types of damage. That includes any outbuildings and contents that may be covered under your policy.

You can present copies of the photos, videos and inventory to the public adjuster, as well as the insurance company. Keep receipts if you have to relocate while your home is being repaired and receipts of all associated expenses until you can move back into your home.

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