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When individuals experience damage to their home or business, their insurance company is responsible for providing funds sufficient for repairs or replacement. The insurer will send one of their own adjusters to assess the site and attach a monetary amount to the damage. However, the funds may not be sufficient and a public adjuster can help individuals obtain a larger settlement. Before hiring a public adjuster, there are some things to keep in mind.


Public adjusters are highly-trained and licensed professionals that are bonded and insured. They’re fingerprinted and must undergo rigorous background checks. A public adjuster works for their client, not the insurance company, and they’re knowledgeable in all aspects of property damage. A public adjuster will examine the client’s insurance policy to determine what’s covered and discover any exclusions.

The professionals are able to reopen a claim that’s been denied, when the reimbursement has been underestimated, or if the insurance company questions the individual’s liability. A public adjuster can also negotiate on behalf of their client and settle claims in 30 to 90 days. If for some reason a claim must go to court for settlement, individuals with a public adjuster typically win 99 percent of the time.


Public adjusters won’t request an upfront fee. Instead, they charge a percentage of the settlement that their client receives – typically 10 percent – though rates can vary upon location and the company. For that reason, a public adjuster may only accept major, high-value property damage claims or those with a minimum recovery of $10,000. If a claim does go to court, it can be a long and tedious process as the wheels of justice turn.


A public adjuster is an asset if the insurance company has denied a claim or underestimated the costs to repair or replace a home or business property. Public adjusters are experts that adhere to a professional standard of excellence that can reopen and negotiate claims for additional monetary recovery.

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