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Before you hire a public adjuster, it’s important that you perform due diligence. Just as with all professions, some individuals are better at their job than others. After all, you’re relying on the expert to obtain a bigger financial reimbursement for damage or loss of your home or business property.


It’s an easy matter to check online for the reviews that a public adjuster has earned. A good place to begin are Google, Yelp and Facebook. One of the benefits is that the adjuster can’t remove adverse reviews without deleting their entire business. That means you’ll get the good with the bad and learn why.

However, it’s important that you look for reviews with details as to why a former client is satisfied or unhappy with the outcome during their experience. You don’t want simple statements. It could be an indication that he/she is paying for “good” reviews.


Their licensing should be current. You can ask for their state license number and check with the state. You can typically look up their license number on the state’s website.


A public adjuster is a professional and should act, dress, and speak in a professional manner. He/she should be willing to answer questions and tell you what percentage of the reimbursed funds from the insurance company they charge. Pass on any individual that acts hostile, impatient or engages in a “hard sell” of their services.


If you’re willing to spend a small amount of money, there are numerous sites that will enable you to conduct a background check on the adjuster. You’ll be able to discover if they’re in good standing, if their license is current, or if they’ve ever been fined or reprimanded. Another good place to inquire is the Chamber of Commerce or police department.


You’ll want to hire a public adjuster that has experience. You could be trying to obtain thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to repair or replace your home or business and you’ll want an adjuster with significant experience.

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