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Surety Bond Requirement for Public Adjusters

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A surety bond for public adjusters is designed to guarantee the ability, honesty, integrity and performance of the professional. In Florida, the Department of Financial Services requires public adjusters to purchase a surety bond of $50,000 as part of the licensing process. Surety bonds can be purchased for terms of 1 to 3 three years.

The surety bond protects a public adjuster from losses due to unethical decisions, failure to adhere to state laws, poor financial decisions, fraudulent or unfair practices, or other damages while working on behalf of their client. The bond is essentially a form of proof for clients that they can be trusted and it’s a form of protection for the state and the general public.

In Florida, a public adjuster is defined as “…any person who, for money, commission or any other thing of value, prepares, completes or files an insurance claim form for an insured or third-party claimant.” To legally operate in Florida, a public adjuster must be licensed and meet an extensive range of requirements.

Public adjusters must be at least 18 years of age, be a resident of Florida, and be licensed as a public adjuster within the state. Individuals must also have been continually employed as a public adjuster for at least a year. They must have proof of licensure to obtain a surety bond. They’re also fingerprinted and undergo an extensive background check.

Public adjusters are required to undergo in-depth training and pass state testing to ensure they can provide the most accurate service possible for their clients. They must also take continuing education course to renew their license. A Florida public adjuster’s surety bond indicates that the adjuster will faithfully perform their duties, comply with a code of professional conduct, and abide by all the laws governing their profession.


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