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What is the Difference Between a Public Adjuster and an Insurance Adjuster?

Navigating Insurance Claims

There’s a major misconception among holders of a homeowner’s insurance policy. They believe
their insurer is working for them. The fact is that the insurance company is working for itself to
minimize reimbursements to clients, thereby maximizing its profits. The difference between a
public adjuster and an insurance adjuster is for whom they work.
Insurance Adjuster
Maximizing profits for the insurer is accomplished through company-employed insurance
adjusters. The adjusters are sent by the insurance company after a claim has been filed to
survey and assess the damage. They adhere to the letter and terms of the policy, but are always
seeking ways the company can utilize to reduce the amount of the reimbursement or deny the
claim completely.
There are several strategies insurers employ to deny a claim, encompassing non-covered event,
the homeowner waited too long to file, or temporary repairs weren’t made to minimize
damage. Other excuses include lapsed insurance, an incomplete claim, the damage is normal
wear and tear, or the homeowner’s actions or inaction caused the damage.
Homeowners are often pressured to accept the initial monetary offer made by the insurance
company. Homeowners have no idea what repair or replacement costs are, so they typically
comply, They only discover later that the reimbursement is insufficient.
Public Adjuster
In contrast, a public adjuster works entirely on behalf of the homeowner. A public adjuster is
hired by the homeowner. He or she is an advocate for the homeowner and works diligently to
obtain any additional funds to which a client may be entitled. They have the same knowledge,
skill and experience as an insurance adjuster.
A public adjuster can have a claim reopened, negotiate on behalf of the homeowner for a larger
reimbursement, and can settle a claim in as little as 30 to 90 days. Some homeowners prefer to
be involved in the process, but most clients prefer to leave it to their public adjuster as they
work on getting their lives back together.


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