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What is it a Public Adjuster Does?

Public Adjuster South Florida

Simply put, a public adjuster works for a home or business owner to obtain a larger
reimbursement from an insurance company. Homeowners insurance covers a variety of
damages, but what the insurer pays may not be enough to repair, restore or rebuild after a
disaster occurs. It's important for individuals to understand two very important things.
 A public adjuster works for the policy holder. His/her job is to obtain a larger
reimbursement for the homeowner.
 An insurance company adjuster works for the insurer. His/her job is to save the
insurance company as much money as possible, without violating the policy terms.
There are no upfront fees when hiring a public adjuster. The licensed professional is paid from
the additional reimbursement. He/she can charge up to 20 percent of the extra funds from the
insurer. If the damage occurs during a declared emergency, the public adjuster is limited to 10
percent of the additional reimbursement.
A public adjuster is typically hired when a claim has been denied or the homeowner discovers
the reimbursement isn’t sufficient to cover the damages – but there’s no need to wait. The
sooner a public adjuster is hired the better, especially if it’s a large or complicated claim. It gives
him/her the opportunity to view the damage first hand when its fresh.
What They Do
A public adjuster begins by examining the insurance policy to determine the exact terms and
extent of the coverage. He/she can reopen a claim and is authorized to negotiate with the
homeowner’s insurance company for a larger monetary settlement. Some homeowners want
to be involved in negotiations, others don’t.
While there’s no guarantee of a larger settlement, statistics show that individuals that use a
public adjuster receive, on average, 747 percent more than those that don’t hire a public
adjuster. The professional can usually have the claim resolved in 30 to 90 days.

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