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Can a Public Adjuster Reopen an Insurance Claim?

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Reopening a claim the insurance company considers to be closed is just one of the tasks that a
public adjuster can perform. The professionals can reopen a claim and file a supplemental claim
for additional reimbursement, along with claims that have been denied.
Don’t confuse a public adjuster with the adjuster the insurance company sends to assess the
damage. A public adjuster works for policy holders. An insurance company adjuster works for
the insurer, with an eye to saving the company money. That can mean denying or underpaying
a claim.
A public adjuster examines policy documents to determine the terms and exteny of the
coverage allowed. They’re authorized to reopen a claim and negotiate an additional
reimbursement on behalf of the home or business owner. They can often produce results in 30
to 90 days. Equally important is the peace of mind that clients have, knowing that they have an
advocate working entirely on their behalf.
Individuals purchase insurance to protect their investment, assuming the insurance company
has their best interests at heart. However, they often don’t know exactly what their policy
covers, under what circumstances and the exclusions named. They’re may also be confused
about whether they have replacement value coverage or actual cash value, which are two very
different things, and result in different payouts.
Underpayment of reimbursements is common, but so are outright denials. An insurance
company may deny a claim for any number of reasons that includes:
 Not filing a claim within a specific time limit
 Giving false information
 Non-payment of premiums
 Lapse in coverage
 Insufficient information about the damage
 Exclusion clauses
 Negligence and failure to prevent the damage on the part of the property owner
It’s never too late to hire a public adjuster. Some insurance companies routinely deny or
underpay claims as a means of creating and maintaining profitability. A public adjuster works to
get clients the compensation to which they’re entitled.

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