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Do Public Adjusters Really Work for Me and Not the Insurance Compa

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The answer is yes and they do so in a variety of ways. If you have a large or complex claim, it’s a
good idea to hire a licensed public adjuster when you file a claim. A public adjuster is the home
or business owner’s advocate. That’s in stark contrast to an insurance company adjuster, who
works for the insurer to save them as much money as possible.
A public adjuster performs the following tasks.
 Examines the insurance policy to ascertain the coverage and terms
 Can reopen a claim
 Is authorized to negotiate on behalf of the home or business owner
 Can have the claim settled in as little as 30 to 90 days
Statistics from the Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability,
(OPPAGA), report some startling results. People that utilize the services of a public adjuster
receive, on average, 747 percent more in their insurance settlement.
Dealing with insurance companies can be a frustrating, tedious and time-consuming
experience. A public adjuster is familiar with how the insurance industry operates. Hiring a
public adjuster eliminates the stress for clients.
Home and business owners pay no money up front. Public adjusters are paid a percentage of
the additional reimbursement obtained. The professionals can charge up to 20 percent, and
individuals can negotiate that sum. If damages occurred during a declared emergency, public
adjusters are limited to 10 percent of the additional reimbursement for 1 year after the damage
took place.
Insurers often offer to write a check on the spot, which closes the claim, and may not be
enough to fully cover the restoration or rebuilding. Many insurance companies try to
discourage clients from hiring a public adjuster. They want to control the situation and the
narrative, knowing home and business owners are unfamiliar with costs and often don’t
understand what their policy covers.
Before hiring a public adjuster, speak with them in person. The adjuster should have experience
in the type of claim the policy holder has and be licensed to operate in the State of Florida.

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