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Do You Have to Pay if a Public Adjuster Doesn’t Collect Money?

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Public adjusters are paid a percentage of any additional reimbursement they collect from a
client’s insurance company. They don’t get paid unless they’re successful in recovering
additional money for the home or business owner.
The professionals are motivated to take cases in which there’s a high chance of success and
typically don’t accept those in which there’s little chance of a monetary recovery. However, in
certain circumstances they may charge a prearranged fee that’s paid by the homeowner.
Fees and Charges
Public adjusters can charge up to 20 percent of any additional reimbursements recovered.
Many are willing to negotiate that percentage. If damages occurred during a declared
emergency, public adjusters are limited to 10 percent of the additional reimbursement for 1
year after the damage took place.
Larger Reimbursements
Hiring a public adjuster makes sense if the claim is large or has multiple complex elements.
According to the Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability,
(OPPAGA) policy holders tend to receive up to 747 percent more in their insurance settlement
when a public adjuster is involved. That’s a substantial motivator for hiring a public adjuster.
Public adjusters work entirely for the benefit of the homeowner – not the insurance company.
They examine insurance policy documents, can reopen a claim, and negotiate on behalf of the
policy holder. Dealing with an insurance company can be confusing and frustrating. Public
adjusters relieve the stress associated with the process.
Home and business owners often take the first financial offer an insurance company makes,
only to discover the funds are insufficient to cover repairs, replacement or rebuilding costs.
Public adjusters can help, even if individuals have accepted that offer.
Common Practice
Denying and underpaying claims is common within the insurance industry. It keeps profits high
for the insurer. The practice takes policy holders by surprise and only adds to the trauma of a
disaster. A public adjuster is a home or business owner’s advocate for obtaining higher

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