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Roof Damage Can be Caused by Several Factors

Hail Damage

Damage to roofs is a particular concern in South Florida. Storms come in over land and ocean-
generated squalls are always a potential danger. Home and business owners must be vigilant,
as damage to their roof can come from causes most people don’t even think about and
insurance doesn’t cover every contingency.
Trees, Branches and Debris
Sick and diseased trees can topple, branches can break, and debris can build up. Over time, low-
hanging branches can rub against the roof through wind and rain action, loosening and
damaging shingles.
High winds can easily find their way under the smallest space around shingles. The wind is able
to loosen and dislodge shingles and rip them entirely off the roof. Even a new roof that’s been
properly installed can be torn away.
Hail and Heavy Rain
Most people are aware of the dents, chips and rips that hail causes to their metal roofs and
traditional shingles, but heavy downpours can also result in damage. When winds are strong,
they can blow rain under the edges of shingles. Leaks can form and mold can begin to grow.
While it’s not a common occurrence, lightning can strike homes and businesses. When a
structure is the recipient of a lightning bolt, the intense heat can easily ignite a fire beneath the
shingles in the attic. If the strike doesn’t result in fire, lightning can still damage the entire
electrical system.
Heat and UV Rays
Shingles are susceptible to damage from heat and UV rays. The older the roof is, the more likely
it is to sustain damage from wind, rain or hail. UV rays bombard roofs during cloudy days as
well as sunny and accelerates deterioration. The result is shingles that crack, peel, split and
buckle. Shingles become brittle and dry spots occur.
Downspouts and Gutters
Cleaning gutters is no fun, but it’s essential to prevent blockages that allow water to back up
under the eaves. The rainwater penetrates under the roof foundation and into attics.


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