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Precautions to Protect Homes, Businesses and Vehicles

House Inspection

It’s far better to take precautions against theft and vandalism than trying to file a claim for damages after the fact. The issuer of your home, auto or business insurance prefers it and doing so is an investment in your property. Damage can arrive in many forms, from someone trying to steal a vehicle to teens who think vandalizing a home or business is “fun.”

Vandalism on the Rise in South Florida

Numerous reports in the media have highlighted the problem. Much of the damage can be linked to viral TikTok challenges targeting everything from schools and churches to public facilities. Bad actors have expanded their activities to homes, cars and businesses. There are precautions that individuals can take to minimize the risk of vandalism and they have the potential to earn you a discount on your insurance costs.

Lights and Cameras

Make sure structures are well lit. It’s a good idea to use motion activated lighting. Those that intend harm don’t like well-lit environments. Installing video cameras are effective for identifying intruders on your property. Install a security system if you can afford one. Avoid plantings and installations that provide cover and hiding places for vandals.

Vehicle Vandalism

The best solution for protecting vehicles is parking them in a garage or other building that locks. Vandals want to commit their crimes quickly. Precautions that take time to avoid are risky for vandals.

If you must park on the street or in the driveway, don’t leave valuable personal items in your vehicle, even if it’s locked. Ensure that doors are locked, car alarms are activated, and consider installing an immobilizer if the vehicle isn’t equipped with one.

Report it to Police

It’s critical that vandalism is reported to police if you’re going to file an insurance claim. Report any instances of suspicious persons, behavior or activity. If you have to file a claim for extensive damage and the insurer doesn’t want to cover costs, consider hiring a public adjuster.

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