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Virtual Inspections Expedite the Claims Process


Filing a claim for damages to your home typically involves a call to the insurer, an inspection by the insurer’s adjuster, and a wealth of paperwork to complete. That doesn’t include the time it takes for paper documentation to arrive if it must be delivered by traditional mail. Some insurers have embraced technology, allowing you to upload photos of damages. In some instances, you can now begin the claim process with a virtual inspection.

How it Works

Many insurance companies are now using their own custom apps in the claims process. The virtual inspection can be conducted in one of two ways, depending on the insurer. In the first, you’ll schedule an appointment with an adjuster from your insurance company. He or she can guide you in what they need to view as you make the video.

With the second method, you’ll simply enter information to verify your identity and coverage, then upload a video of the destruction you’ve made with your phone. An adjuster will be assigned to view it and prepare an estimate they’ll deliver to you. Insurers want you to do this as soon as possible after the event, before any further damage has occurred.


A virtual inspection can expedite the claims process and cut days off the usual times. You don’t have to wait for an adjuster to make an on-site visit. A virtual inspection provides a permanent record of the damages that were sustained. Virtual inspections can be especially advantageous if you need to contact a public adjuster to intervene in the claim on your behalf.

Virtual inspections are advantageous for instances in which there was property damage only and no one sustained physical injuries. It’s applicable for homes, businesses and some types of vehicle accidents. As always, you’re under no obligation to accept or reject any reimbursement offer made by your insurance company and you always have the option of hiring a public adjuster to work on your behalf for a better settlement.

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