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Accidental vs Deliberate Fire

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The term accidental fire may seem like an obvious term, but your insurance company may not view your home or business fire as accidental. Don’t be dismayed. Insurers routinely try to avoid paying for damages in a variety of ways. If your claim for fire damage is denied or underpaid, a public adjuster can assist […]

Public Adjusters Perform Valuable Services for Non-Profits

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Most people think of public adjusters in terms of how they can help home or business owners with denied or underpaid claims. What you may not know is that a public adjuster is equally beneficial if you have a community organization, association or non-profit that sustains damage. Multiple Services Non-profit organizations and associations offer valuable […]

8 Ways to Stay Safe During New Year’s Festivities

Millions of people welcome the New Year with parties where alcohol plays a major role. Even if you don’t imbibe, you should know that you’re at an increased risk of being injured, becoming a statistic, or having your vehicle damaged or stolen during New Year’s celebrations. Injuries Despite numerous informational campaigns, you’re likely to encounter […]

Virtual Inspections Expedite the Claims Process


Filing a claim for damages to your home typically involves a call to the insurer, an inspection by the insurer’s adjuster, and a wealth of paperwork to complete. That doesn’t include the time it takes for paper documentation to arrive if it must be delivered by traditional mail. Some insurers have embraced technology, allowing you […]

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