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Public Adjusters Perform Valuable Services for Non-Profits

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Most people think of public adjusters in terms of how they can help home or business owners with denied or underpaid claims. What you may not know is that a public adjuster is equally beneficial if you have a community organization, association or non-profit that sustains damage.

Multiple Services

Non-profit organizations and associations offer valuable services to a myriad of individuals. They’re the backbone of communities, supporting people to animals, and they often operate on limited budgets. A public adjuster provides the same range of services for community organizations as they do for individuals. The experts are your personal advocate. They do not work for your insurance company.

They’ll begin by examining your insurance policy for exclusions, terms and coverage limits. If they find that you have a case, they have the authority to reopen a claim, even if the insurer has closed it. They can also negotiate with the insurance company for a larger settlement on your behalf. They can help you file an original claim. They act as your personal advocate.

Public Adjusters are Professionals

Public adjusters are experienced and knowledgeable in the cost of labor and materials. They know the strategies that insurance companies utilize to deny or underpay claims. The experts understand the language and terms that insurance companies routinely use. In some instances, they’re able to obtain a larger settlement in as little as 90 days, though times do vary, depending on the complexity of the claim. Their skills can help community organizations get back to their work quicker.

Time is of the Essence

The work that non-profit organizations and associations perform is vital to communities. When they suffer a loss, it’s detrimental to the entire community and an untold number of individuals. A public adjuster is a professional you can rely on to help get your organization the insurance funds they need to continue providing essential services.

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