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Accidental vs Deliberate Fire

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The term accidental fire may seem like an obvious term, but your insurance company may not view your home or business fire as accidental. Don’t be dismayed. Insurers routinely try to avoid paying for damages in a variety of ways. If your claim for fire damage is denied or underpaid, a public adjuster can assist you in obtaining the funds you deserve.

Deliberate Fire

This is most commonly referred to as arson, in which a person deliberately commits an act that will result in fire. Insurers can view the term “deliberate” in a slightly different way. Insurers can approach a blaze from a perspective that frees them of paying for damages. They may claim that, while the person responsible for the conflagration didn’t commit arson, they should have reasonably known their actions could lead to a fire.

Accidental Fire

An accidental fire is one that wasn’t deliberately set. However, some accidental fires can also be deliberately set. An example is a fire resulting from cooking. A kitchen range may have deliberately been turned on, but it wasn’t the intent to cause a fire. Another example is sparks from a power tool that ignites a fire.

Undetermined Fire

Some fires are clearly accidental or deliberate. There are instances when the exact cause can’t be determined. Insurers may choose to automatically perceive it as an attempt at fraud. Approximately 42 percent of fires are initially classified as undetermined. Evidence is typically destroyed in a blaze, making it more difficult to ascertain facts. Insurers are under no obligation to pay for damages in an undetermined fire.

Hire a Public Adjuster

If your insurance company refuses to cover the cost of your damages, you can hire a public adjuster to refute their decision. The adjuster will examine your insurance policy for exclusions, coverage, and language. The public adjuster works for you, not your insurer.

He or she is legally authorized to reopen a claim and negotiate on your behalf to obtain the compensation you need. While there’s no guarantee that a public adjuster will be successful, they historically have a high success rate.

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