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A Public Adjuster is an Invaluable Ally During a Business Interruption

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No one can fully anticipate the impact of a business interruption. It’s reasonable to assume regular business will be interrupted in the event of a hurricane, but there are many other situations that can result in a loss of revenues. Individuals operating an enterprise know the value of maintaining business interruption insurance, but collecting on […]

Understanding Insurance Company Denials

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One of the biggest mistakes that owners of a home insurance policy make is assuming that any damage to their residence is covered. People buy insurance to protect their investment, only to discover a gap in coverage or that a particular instance isn’t covered when they file a claim. Homeowners typically feel that they’ve been […]

Can a Public Adjuster Help with Smoke Damage?

Mold-Infested Ceiling in a Bedroom – dangerous and health-damaging

One thing that very few homeowners consider after they’ve experienced a fire is the associated smoke damage. It’s important to know that the insurer will typically cover the cost of repairing or replacing furnishings and similar items. However, it may not cover the cost of remediating smoke damage throughout the residence. Coverage varies among insurers. […]

8 Qualities of a Public Adjuster

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A public adjuster has a wide variety of qualities and characteristics that he or she utilizes every day. They have a code of conduct to which they adhere and all interactions with clients are maintained in strict confidence. Professional Qualities The public adjuster you hire will use their professional skills to your benefit, not your […]

6 Six Steps for Finding the Right Public Adjuster

Public adjuster South Florida

If an insurance claim has been denied or underpaid, many people turn to a public adjuster to reopen the claim, negotiate with the insurer, and get additional reimbursement. The question then becomes, how to find the professional that’s right for you. The following are 6 steps to employ on your search for a public adjuster. […]

5 Things to Know About Florida Public Adjusters

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A public adjuster is your best friend if you discover that your insurance company underestimated your homeowner’s claim or even denied it. They can also help if the insurance company has closed the claim. For those unfamiliar with public claim adjusters, here are 5 things to know. Who They Are Public adjusters are highly educated, […]

The Mistake of Not Contacting a Public Adjuster Right Away

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The first thing to understand about the insurance adjuster your insurer will send to survey damage is that he or she works on behalf of the insurance company – not you. Their job is to assign a dollar amount to damages, settle claims as quickly, and pay out as little as possible. Your Personal Advocate […]

What Makes a Good Public Adjuster?

Public adjuster South Florida

A public adjuster is an advocate for insurance policyholders. They work entirely for the benefit of home or business owners and not for the insurance company. Public adjusters have a variety of qualities that clients can rely upon when dealing with an insurance company regarding underpayment or denial of a claim. Honesty A public adjuster […]

Do Adjusters Charge Upfront or Only After Your Insurance Company Pays You a Claim?

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The good news for home and business owners is that they don’t have to pay any money upfront when hiring a public adjuster. The professionals only get paid after they’ve successfully recovered funds from the insurance company. Public adjusters are limited in what they can charge. They can collect up to 20 percent of funds […]

What is it a Public Adjuster Does?

Public Adjuster South Florida

Simply put, a public adjuster works for a home or business owner to obtain a larger reimbursement from an insurance company. Homeowners insurance covers a variety of damages, but what the insurer pays may not be enough to repair, restore or rebuild after a disaster occurs. It's important for individuals to understand two very important […]

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