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Navigating a Mold Claim

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A mold claim to the insurance company can be extremely frustrating. The first step on the road to clean-up is establishing that mold coverage is included in the insurance policy, whether it’s a home or business. The second step is understanding the legalese of when the insurance company will cover damage and under what circumstances.

Policies typically don’t cover mold damage and remediation. One reason is the warm and humid South Florida climate that provides ideal environments for mold growth. Some policies will cover mold damage if it was caused by a “covered peril” and not specifically excluded from the policy.

Individuals will need to take action to prevent further damage from occurring before filing their claim. They’ll also be required to gather documentation such as photos and videos of the damage. When all the information has been acquired, it’s time to notify the insurance company. Be advised that many insurers automatically reject mold claims.

If the policy covers mold damage, some insurers will try to avoid paying for remediation measures by claiming the actions or inaction by the homeowner was responsible for the mold. Speaking with the local insurance agent may or may not provide satisfaction. Property owners may require the services of a public adjuster to get satisfaction.

A public adjuster is far different than the insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters work for the company – not the property owner. Their job is to save the company money. A public adjuster works for the property owner and their best interests, not the insurance company.

A public adjuster will begin by examining the terms of the policy to determine coverage. With the property owner’s permission, they will act as the owner’s liaison and negotiate on their behalf. Homeowners can be as involved as they like, but most prefer to have the public adjuster be their representative throughout the procedure. The good news is that homeowners that engage the services of a public adjuster typically receive larger settlements.

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