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What Types of Damage Can Storms Cause?

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The raw, unleashed power of nature can be exhilarating to observe. It also has the potential to wreak havoc on homes and businesses. Individuals don’t have to experience a hurricane to be the victim of storm damage. As a peninsula, Florida is subject to a wide range of weather conditions that can quickly escalate from a gentle rain to a full-blown windstorm with hail.

What appears to be an ordinary storm can also give rise to tornadoes. Florida has the greatest number of tornadoes in the nation. Residents need to keep a watchful eye on looming storms and heed any alerts, watches or warnings that are issued.


A roof is often the recipient of damage from storms. High wind can find its way under shingles of even a recently laid roof. It can loosen shingles and rip them from the roof.


If the storm contains hail, the icy precipitation can cause multiple types of damage. Hail can crack roof shingles and even break some types of roof coverings, allowing rain to enter and mold to grow. Hail can dent siding and vehicles. It has the potential to break windows on homes and cars


Even individuals that don’t reside in a location prone to flooding, it can still occur. Heavy rains can produce runoff that creates flash flooding and mudslides. The heavy rains and storm surge that accompanies hurricanes are being felt further inland than ever before.


Storms are often accompanied by lightning and a structure doesn’t have to experience a direct hit to sustain damage. A direct hit has the ability to damage roofs and ignite a fire that will burn within walls or the attic. Lightning may also damage foundations, windows and chimneys. A lightning strike to a nearby electric pole can result in a power surge that has the ability to damage the wiring in structures that may not be immediately obvious and can develop over time.

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