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Accidental vs Deliberate Fire

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The term accidental fire may seem like an obvious term, but your insurance company may not view your home or business fire as accidental. Don’t be dismayed. Insurers routinely try to avoid paying for damages in a variety of ways. If your claim for fire damage is denied or underpaid, a public adjuster can assist […]

Minimize Christmas Claims for Fire, Burglary and Vandalism

It’s never too early to begin thinking about holiday safety. Fires, burglaries and vandalism are the 3 most prevalent types of claims by homeowners during the season of Brotherly Love. Christmas trees, home decorations, shopping for gifts, and family gatherings all contribute to a lack of safety for your home and vehicle during the Christmas […]

Who is Liable for Damages in a Fire?

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While a home fire may seem like a straightforward situation for the insurance company to handle, insurers don’t view them in the same way. Fire claims can take unexpected twists and turns that homeowners don’t expect or anticipate. The Search for Responsibility A fire is a highly complex matter for insurers. It’s the most common […]

Can a Public Adjuster Help with Smoke Damage?

Mold-Infested Ceiling in a Bedroom – dangerous and health-damaging

One thing that very few homeowners consider after they’ve experienced a fire is the associated smoke damage. It’s important to know that the insurer will typically cover the cost of repairing or replacing furnishings and similar items. However, it may not cover the cost of remediating smoke damage throughout the residence. Coverage varies among insurers. […]

What is Covered in a Water Damage Clam?

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Just an inch of water can result in $25,000 worth of damage to a home or business. Heavy rain, hurricanes, and the state’s low elevation can all result in flooding, resulting in significant damage to structures. Individuals shouldn’t count on their homeowner’s insurance policy covering the damage – a policy through FEMA may be required, […]

Do Public Adjusters Really Work for Me and Not the Insurance Compa

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The answer is yes and they do so in a variety of ways. If you have a large or complex claim, it’s a good idea to hire a licensed public adjuster when you file a claim. A public adjuster is the home or business owner’s advocate. That’s in stark contrast to an insurance company adjuster, […]

Navigating a Mold Claim

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A mold claim to the insurance company can be extremely frustrating. The first step on the road to clean-up is establishing that mold coverage is included in the insurance policy, whether it’s a home or business. The second step is understanding the legalese of when the insurance company will cover damage and under what circumstances. […]

5 Tips When Filing a Mold Claim


Mold isn’t just unsightly, it’s unhealthy and exposure can lead to a variety of medical conditions. Mold is insidious, often growing behind walls, under floors and in attics for a significant amount of time before it’s detected. Homes in humid climates and situated along the ocean or bodies of water are at additional risk for […]

Why Water Damage Claims are so Complicated

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Water is one of the most destructive types of damage that homeowners can experience. It’s also one of the most complicated, particularly in South Florida. Aside from leaky or broken pipes and sewer backups, homes are subject to flooding, storm surges and wind that causes damage and allows rain to enter. Policies covering water damage […]

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