Top Home Preparations for Hurricane Season

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June 1 is the official start of hurricane season and it lasts through Nov. 30. Anyone living in South Florida can expect to experience at least one hurricane in their lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether individuals will ride out the storm or evacuate, there are basic preparedness measures that everyone should take. Florida residents should […]

Top Tips for Making Your Claims Process Easier

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The claims process doesn’t have to be a trial-by-fire experience. Armed with the right information, you can help expedite the insurance company’s decision. That information will also be instrumental for hiring a public adjuster if the insurer denies or underestimates the amount of the damages. Know Your Policy Be sure you’re cognizant of what your […]

Navigating Insurance Claims After Storm Damage

Navigating Insurance Claims

The vast majority of individuals that file an insurance claim after storm damage typically expect their insurer to quickly provide the funds to restore their home to pre-damage condition. That’s not necessarily true. The claims process can be a long and frustrating process. Navigating Insurance Claims After an insurance claim is made by homeowners, the […]

All About Tropical Storm Elsa

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While many Floridians across the state aren’t giving it much thought, Tropical Storm Elsa is actively nearing the western coast of Florida and looking to make serious waves as it makes landfall. It may seem like just any other storm, but category 1 hurricanes and tropical storms can actually leave serious damage in their path […]

South Florida Hurricane Season FAQs

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While South Florida is normally known for its sunny weather and laid back living, every year South Floridians have to hunker down in preparation for hurricane season. Each Summer and Fall, homeowners and business owners alike brace for the oncoming schedule of storms that head our way. If you’re living in South Florida, it’s important […]